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The manners of the trio are somewhat singular, for the whole party have not one companion of their own age, but all their friendships are among their elders." On the 25th April, 1833, he writes: "John and Thomas have sailed for Canada, and you cannot imagine how much this event disconcerts me. I have preserved the 1\IS, from which it is printed, and they are engaged on another which is still better.

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During his eàrly years of delicacy, when his time was given to gardening and verse making, music and mechanics, she watched him, as he then thought, too closely and -carefully, and when all his whims were swallowed up in his love for books she feared his lack of constitutional strength, and also hesitated to increase his unbusiness-like proclivities.

His too early death was truly mourned; and had he lived, his character showed that he could not have been kept from reach- ing as prominent a place in the records of Canada as that held by each of his brothers. Galt says little, but that little comes from the heart ,when he writ E's that" )Iy father was one of the best, he was one of the hawlsomest men." Of his mother we know much more.

He is himself in the meantime pleased, but the Canada Company have not acted towards his father so as to give me the slightest hope." The sadness of this letter is completed in its last :sentence; "but I am so helpless, and so many troubles perplex me that require a stouter health to withstand." After that the time was spent in suffering under and fighting his maladies, while he still looked forward to going with his J 7 0ungest SOIl to Canada, "where the boys are." But Alexander was suddenly ordered off, and the father in discussing what ultimate effect this move will have on his determination, says: " As yet I am only sensible of his absence." \Vhen asked to take up the work of forming still another company, he is made to feel his" inability only more acutely," and is "still a little fiattish in parting with Alexander." Some works of reference in noting "Galt, the celebrated Scottish novelist," credit him with two sons only. Galt's own letters, this is a mistake not to be excused. 35 J"ohn Galt the younger, with his handsome face and kindly -courtesy of minel and manner, wa R not a man to be lightly for- gotten by those who had the privilege of his friendship.

John, poor fellow, goes with my full concurrence, though I cannot say the same of Thomas; but I submit.

In the interior we have a handsome suit of public rooms, a library, etc. Galt long retained the feelings of his boyhood, his heart remaining young.

It has a rustic portico formed with the trunks of trees, in which the constituent part R of the Ionic order are really somewhat.ïntelligibly rlisplaye J. children," his son J olm, a Solomon of three years, sagely remarked that" Papa is the biggest boy I ever knew." In spite of the difficulties which beset him, Mr. Our house, it is true, is but a log one, the first that was erected in the town; but it is not with- out some pretension to elegance. On another occasion, when the father wonderell "when men cease to be 3 34 IN THE DAY OF THE CANADA COl\IPANY. A man of deep feeling and strong attachment, Galt was at all times' a devoted son. The melancholy tone of the motive received additional food from his surroundings at that time; and one touch calculated to complete hi \voe was supplied in the manner of the death of his mother. Her influence was felt by her SOIl throughout his life, and his" Autobiography" contains an affect- ing account of her death. Galt's mind was stretched on the rack of apprehension, fearing that even yet the Canada Company might burst and thus injure many friends whom he had induced to participate in the concern-during the period when the great -controversy between the three powers concerned was pending -he composed" The Omen," considered by his biographers to be one of the most beautiful and most elaborately finished of his productions. Afterwards, with deep regret, she deplored her resolute oppo- sition to his passion.

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