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Mother and Son from Enterprise, Alabama, Cole La Brant is a Viner with more than 6.5 million followers.

They came on the race hoping to win the money to better their large family.

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After her epic freak out, however, the couple seemed to get their act together, and they began to treat each other with more patience and kindness during the last half of the race, helping them focus better on the tasks and stay in the front half of the teams, eventually earning them a spot in the Final 3.

During the final leg, they were the first team to get the clue at Angelus Plaza after Tyler and Korey ran in the wrong direction, and Matt ended up being the first person to complete the Roadblock, grabbing the clue after only one jump, instantly propelling them into the lead.

Although they went on to make several mistakes throughout the rest of the leg, including letting their taxi go at Santa Barbara Harbor, struggling to communicate during the synchronized mountaineering challenge, and running right by the clue at Grassini Family Vineyards and wandering around lost, the lead gained at the first Roadblock ended up being too much for either of the other teams to pass them, and when Dana nailed the final memory challenge on her first try, they ran straight to the Finish Line, placing 1st and winning the entire race.

While the show's goal of bringing in new viewers was a success, it came at the cost of giving the show one of its weaker seasons after 3 seasons of success (or relative success in Season 26's case if you compare it to what fans feared)A dating couple from Los Angeles, California, they are known for their dance tutorials and videos, with Matt having more than 2.4 million followers on You Tube.

They won the first leg and became permanent members of the top half of the pack, with their lowest finish on the entire race being a 5th place in the United Arab Emirates.

However, Dana's extremely high maintenance personality led to her screaming at Matt over pretty much everything that happened on the race, causing them to constantly argue and become this season's token fighting couple.Their non-stop arguing quickly overshadowed their strong performances, and with Tyler and Korey, Brodie and Kurt, and Burnie and Ashley always finishing just ahead of them in every leg, it seemed like the dancers were going to eventually crash and burn. To bring younger viewers to the Long Runner, the producers decided to do all teams with at least 1 internet star.As was the case in The Amazing Race 26, this premise was met with much hesitation from the fanbase, but in this case it was not just for its gimmicky premise but for being seen as excessive Stunt Casting (which is already controversial), though some fans defended this decision claiming it not to be stunt casting calling them "not real celebrities." The season introduced some original and exciting tasks such as racing camels on bikes, searching a cave for mask parts, and solving a puzzle retrieved from cave parts.However, with the heavy use of Spotlight-Stealing Squad, an answer sharing alliance early on, and a predictable elimination order, the fans fears seemed to become a reality.The show tried its best to make some interesting qualities, but it wasn't enough to salvage it.


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