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X Factor’s Aiden Grimshaw has been offered the chance of a record deal with Simon Cowell’s Syco label after an internet campaign to get him signed was backed by winner Matt Cardle. Now Simon Cowell appears to have taken notice, and has offered Aiden a record deal on the condition he impresses fans on the upcoming X Factor tour.

He spends most of his time working, walking his fat Labrador puppy, and lamenting the fact that even though they went on two great dates, the thing he has for Harry Styles didn’t quite work out, yet he can’t quite get over him either.

Harry has problems of his own, facing down an ancient enemy without trying to hurt anyone, least of all Liam.

But now is the time of The Reckoning, where Harry and the last few of his kind battle for The Prize.

He wants the best for all the contestants and for there to be no distractions.” They continued: “They have become very close and he finds it easy to relax around her. It’s not like they can go out on dates but they have been caught cuddling and have shared a kiss or three.

They are both single so they don’t see any harm in this.” Sources have also suggested that Cardle is 'obsessed' with Grace and is spending a lot of time with the Dannii Minogue, claiming that she is doing a 'wonderful job' guiding himself, Paije Richardson and Aiden Grimshaw through the final shows.

Cardle said in his latest video diary: "I just want to say a big thank you to Dannii for being so amazing with the boys.

I know she's super busy but she still has time, all the time for us," "She's on the other end of the phone if we've got any problems or anything and she's in the studio getting right hands on.

She's just doing such a wonderful job and it reflects in the fact that the boys keep coming through every Sunday." He added: "That's got a lot to do with how Dannii and her team are being with us.

We're all very, very appreciative of what she's doing - We love you Dan!

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