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He informed me that in the Winter the Museo is open only on weekends but the ruins were open for a 35 peso fee.

We talked awhile both practicing each others language.

There is an entrance at the bottom that allows you to travel inside the structure up to the top where a stained alter sits. As there is very narrow steps on the back side of this structure dating back to 900 AD I chose to "butt" slide down these steps.

A death chamber inside on that side gave me the feeling of ancient people & events. As I again rested a local lady came through the site (only person I saw other than the caretaker herding a flock of dark feathered Turkeys (like wild ones in the US) with help from her dog.

I returned to the village much faster than my coming up.

Up at the crack of dawn feeling much more acclimatized.

Walked a nearby neighborhood with neat houses, clean streets & nice local parks sprinkled throughout.

After another great breakfast at my favorite café consisting of hot cakes, tocino, café & juice (60 pesos) I was off to the visitors center I had spotted the day before.

As this is the capitol of the State of Mexico lots of tourists but not of the Gringo variety.

Ergo a bit of Spanish is necessary to communicate even at the tourist office.

I received a map of the area plus directions to where to catch the bus to Calixtlahuaca know locally as Calix. A rather bumpy trip over all cobblestone streets up the side of a mountain from which there was a fabulous view of Nevado de Toluca the magnificent snow capped dormant volcano. At the small neat village I was let off by the sign announcing the Site 800 meters away. What the sign does not say is it is almost straight up.

It is surrounded by Passo del Quetzal a national Park highlighted by not one but two lakes inside of the Volcano. As one that hikes 6 to 8 miles a day at sea level a short stroll at 9,000' should be a snap. So after a bit of a struggle (thankful for my Timberland hiking boots) I arrived at the museum which Alas was closed!

As I sat recovering my breath a caretaker came out greeting me.

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