dating website in the united state - Arguments against internet dating

Me: Yes, technology has changed many ways we go about our lives.It’s changed how we navigate, converse, do business, and how we date.Instead of opposing online dating, why not get with the times and take a chance?

Me: You could use it merely for hooking up, but who’s to say that you can’t meet your life partner through one of these apps or sites?

And yes, there are creeps who use online dating, but there are also creeps in real life!

Me: That’s definitely possible, and a good strategy.

Last Friday my coworkers and I discussed our opinions toward all those dating applications out there: Tinder, Match, E-Harmony, Ok Cupid, Plentyoffish, Grindr, and the like.

Being open-minded, 20-something-year-olds, I was surprised at the amount of hesitation some of them had towards online dating.

As such, I want to present my coworkers’ common arguments against online dating, and reveal why they’re flawed. But if you’re busy, you can’t constantly hang out at all the coffee shops and universities in the hopes of finding someone, nor can you expect your friends to always set you up.

Dating applications and sites allow you to be connected 24/7 to a place where others are actively looking.

But before you go on a date with him or her, you can ask them to send you additional pictures, check out their other social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, and the like, or send live pictures or videos over Snapchat to get a better idea of how they look.

Me: True, but you can survey their personality over a few days or weeks by messaging them before actually going on a date with them.

You could even call them on the phone before going out with them.

It’s still completely possible that they’re hiding some crazy aspect of themselves, but you’ll have a better sense of who they are after several lengthy conversations.


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