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So if a guy want to date women for marriage in USA, it's better to date Thai singles!

Thai Cupid Popularity: This is a very popular Thai dating site.

Actually, Thai Cupid claims to be “the largest Thai dating site with 1 million members.” Established in 2002, the dating site attracts a high number of Thai singles and people who want to date them.

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In some way, US men are much more compatible with Thai wives.

US women for marriage tend to blame US guys for their shortcomings and incompetence, but Thai ladies always can find something good in USA males.

US girls for marriage focus more on herself while Asian girls care her husband and family over everything.

It's a public secret and some of them even have his Thai wife and concubines live in the same house.

The new female generation in Thailand begin to have resentful feeling on the domest…

The new female generation in Thailand begin to have resentful feeling on the domestic marital situation and want to find a new way out.So these Asian women for marriage turn to men in USA, UK, Canada and other foreign country for faithful love!Why do these hot Thai girls not marry their hometown men but like a western husband? Here I conclude three reasons mainly responsible for this phenomenon.* Gender imbalance.There are more Thailand women than men in this Asian country.It's much harder for these Asian females to find a boyfriend or husband than those in other place.* Thai Husbands Tend to Have a Affair.Based on the imbalance of Thai female and male ratio, most married men in Thailand have an affair with other Thai ladies.

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