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And than when I was cutting it short first time in 7 mm length it was very scary. And I want you young going bald man out there in the world somewhere to do the same thing. And in my life, very short cut hair 7 mm and lover proved to be an attraction magnet for the beautiful women I dated. My reasoning here about very short haircuts for bald men and you can argue with me here, regarding most attractive women liking it is as follows: So, the beautiful, intelligent, that intelligent part is important. I as a man who is trying to really be a gentleman promised myself that I am never going to call a woman stupid, am willing to brake that rule just for now. So yes, the beautiful, intelligent woman thinks about very short hair on a bald man like this and I had this hypothesis confirmed by several attractive women I dated. And I like that it is not defining and damaging his confidence. It served me very well and it will serve you very well as well. Cutting your hair very short is a bold and adventurous move. So here we go: This guy is bald, he is fit, nice, intelligent, gentlemen and interesting. I love his confidence and him not trying to hide it.

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Bald man is definitely equipped with all the possibilities of dating the most attractive women out there. It’s time to embrace it and use it to your own advantage.

So what do the most attractive women look for in a man? I guarantee you that my Attractive Bald Man in making. And I understand that this will most likely not be an easy move to make. So, my soon to be Attractive Bald Man with short hair cut. Maybe give yourself a little time to think about it. But once you do it and follow other important steps, that a bald man has to take to be very Attractive Bald Man, you too might find yourself with that hot date sitting in front of you enjoying a glass of wine and telling you how she is incredibly attracted to you as you are – an Attractive Bald Man!

What they are really looking for are the qualities that can be developed with hard work, some humility, boldness, learning and applying what you have learned. But I guarantee you, it is going to be a great moove.

And today I want to teach you and I hope you’ll execute it Attractive Bald Man on mission one thing that served me very well over my quite full of attractive women dating life. If you hang in there and persist, work hard on becoming attractive bald man, the most attractive women and girls out there will be attracted to you. That was the feedback I got from almost all attractive, intelligent women I dated.

Yes it’s time to raise the white flag to give up the war against your bald head.

Bald mans guide to attract beautiful women and get date fast – part 2 video: It’s time to stop fighting your baldness my soon to be very Attractive Bald Man.

I am a bald guy and I have been there where you are now. It is natural to feel like everybody is starring at you when you make a radical change in your appearance, but what usually happens is that people think that you’ve been having this kind of hair cut forever now. On another hand I noticed those very attractive, intelligent, beautiful women really carrying about mans appearance. For some reason, and we can only guess here, those beautiful women care about everything regardless of their future partner. My guess is, it is because they are very aware that, they can be very picky in choosing their partner.

It was hard and it was depressing seeing loosing my hair way too young. And I consider it as one of the best and boldest moves I have ever done in my life. I have been cutting my hair very short – 2-3 mm for a very long time now, and I can tell you that people don’t care much about my hair cut. Every man wants to date these attractive beautiful women.

However, if she doesn’t, don’t beat yourself up over it.

Also, with Sonic Seduction, you can date more women, and you . The last thing that you would want is to obsess over a woman whom you deem to be irreplaceable.

If you date several women at once, you won’t become needy or clingy in any way.

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