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As I was traveling alone, I need to take some good pictures of this scenic spot.

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You can find that in the Google Analytics Service class in the Analytics folder after applying the Nu Get package. Yes I removed the App Id/Product Id that’s included by default leaving only 4 Custom Variables.

You can still add the App Id Custom Variable by your own choice, but I removed it because I have one Google Analytics Web Property per App, so it was useless.

When you want to track your analytics from for example your View Model you do something like this.

Brief: A couple of months ago, I visited the Lotus Hill in Guangzhou, China.

This oft-mentioned phrase is used to encourage optimism and faith when one is faced with adversity, hardship, disappointment and setbacks and to maintain a calm composure and positive attitude towards […] Diamond Inclusions: Diamonds are formed deep under the earth’s surface for millions of years under extreme heat and pressure.

Naturally, this give rise to a number of imperfections inside a diamond, which are called inclusions, as well as on its surface, which are called blemishes.

When viewed under a 60X or a 120X microscope, the […] For Seniors Only: New call alphabet soup for seniors, maybe some may be applicable for juniors too. Subsequent to my previous post on “A for Alpha”, I received an interesting email from an old friend of mine.

I also added the code to track a little bit of basic information.

I fixed that for the Nu Get release, everything is 7.1 based.

Basically the MSAF project is really powerful and can be applied to your Windows Phone project quite easily when you know how to do this. However when we upgraded to Mango all dlls were upgraded except the Google. The mismatch in versions was causing a lot of problems because some libraries were asking for a 7.0 version of System. Interactivity and some were asking for the 7.1 version.

I’ve been in contact with Michael Scherotter for some time about Nu Get and MSAF, thanks for the support Michael.


  1. As I was traveling alone, I need to take some good pictures of this scenic spot.

  2. And I chanced upon a woman maintenance worker at the park.

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