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Relatively small, Sucre is an easily walkable city and the older sections, with the white colonial buildings with their distinctive red-tiled roofs and distinctive balconies offer nooks and crannies to explore.

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Call it Sucre, La Plata, Charcas, or Ciudad Blanca, the city of Sucre has a rich, varied history and a wealth of historical architecture deserving of the selection as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Sucre shares capital city status with La Paz, the legislative and administrative capital.

Sucre, the constitutional capital and home of the Supreme Court, is also a university city, with many cultural attractions, museums, shops, restaurants.

San Francisco Xavier university was founded in 1625, one of the oldest universities in the Americas, and specializes in law.

To visit Sucre, check flights from your area to La Paz and other locations in Bolivia.

If you plan to retire in Bolivia, request residency, purchase property, work, invest or start a business, or just want to move here because you love the country, be sure to visit our Living in Bolivia Home Page. Use it to ask questions or, if you have already lived in Bolivia, help a newcomer by sharing your stories, photos and videos. Newly Arrived in Bolivia from United States My family and I moved to Santa Cruz on January 2, 2016. DECRETO SUPREMO 1800 DE AMNISTÍA Y REGULARIZACIÓN MIGRATORIA. Este Decreto Supremo fue emitido por el Presidente Evo Morales el 20 de noviembre … My cousin and her husband are trying to move their residency to Bolivia.

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With the establishment of the University Real y Pontificia de San Francisco Xavier and the Caroline Academy in 1624, La Plata drew learned and libertarian minds and later became the birthplace of Bolivian independence.

During the 17th century, liberals recognized the traditional values of the ethnic population and La Plata was renamed Chuquisaca, a contraction of its traditional Indian name of Choquechaca.

On August 6, 1825, following fifteen years of struggle, the Declaration of Independence was signed in Chuquisaca, which was promptly renamed Sucre in honor of the Marshall of Ayacucho, José Antonio de Sucre, who had fought with his Venezuelan compatriot, Simon Bolivar to liberate other countries of South America.

With the mining boom in nearby Potosí at the change of the 18/19th centuries, Sucre underwent architectural updates, creating a new and splendid look to the city's streets, parks and plazas.

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