Cameron quiseng and selena gomez dating

Selena Gomez sparked rumours she's back with ex Justin Bieber recently after they exchanged flirty messages online and she attended his show in LA. According to Us Weekly, she has grown close to good friend and singer Charlie Puth - who she's due to tour with later this year."She's super into him," a source claimed to the site.Selena's tour kicks off in May, and Puth will play the opening act of her Anaheim concert on July 9th.

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The two were spotted hugging each other after a bowling match (word is she won), and in May, Cameron was vague on the details when asked about his relationship with Selena."This is the truth. But first they'll have to get through Cameron's current national tour with Allstar Weekend.

Cameron and Selena seem like they would make a great long-term fit with their mutual interests in making awesomely sugary pop music -- not to mention that they look adorable together.

Fortunately we can always follow Cameron and Selena's Twitter feeds for any hint that they're opening up about things.

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She gets me." They remained close after meeting at an MTV Video Music Awards party last August, and later recorded We Don't Talk Anymore together.

Charlie also shared a cuddly snap with the singer at the time, with them both pulling faces next to each other.

He captioned it: "The realest and most down to earth person I know.

Selena Gomez gives pal Cameron Quiseng a hug after beating him in a friendly game of bowling at Pinz Bowling Alley in Los Angeles on Tuesday evening (March 16). Oh and we made new friends tonight, they joined us.” Also joining the group were Gregg Sulkin, Selena‘s cousin Brandon and Jennifer Stone.

The 17-year-old starlet wrote on her Twitter after the game, “I won… Cameron is the bass player of All Star Weekend, who are currently touring with Emily Osment.


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