Casual dating break up sara ramirez dating eric dane

I like sex and i like relating to someone on a more intimate emotional level.However I don't like one night stands because theyre a lot of effort and money for something so ephemeral and potentially awkward. I feel like long term relationships always end in three ways, all of which equally are anxiety provoking to think about: I get hurt (cause they leave me), they get hurt (cause I leave them), or I have to spend every remaining year of my life with this one person only.In my particular case I'm living abroad and am never quite sure where I will be in a few years.

And it terrifies me even more that I might have to spend an eternity with this one person.

Why can't people talk to each other, relate, have sex, and when the time comes, have it end without pain?

Some background: I once dated someone for a year and a half.

However once I realized I didn't want to marry this person, I decided it was better to break up with them sooner rather than later because I thought that was the ethical thing.

Anyhow, it's been well over a year since then and I still can't bear dating someone for longer than three weeks before I feel them getting attached and I just break up with them.

Why do people get so caught up in these relationships, why does it always have to be three options: me hurt, you hurt, or forever? Upfront honesty is the key to have a casual relationship.

It limits the expectations for the build up in the relationship.

So after a lot of anxious deliberation, I broke up with them.

They became seriously depressed, suicidal, threatened to kill themselves.

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