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Some are new to the city and have no one to hang out with." Freelance editor Ashwitha Jayakumar, who describes herself as a 'rabid feminist', says her guard is always up when she meets men she hooked up with online. Psychologists say dating apps are in sync with this age of instant gratification. "Some people do not have the maturity to accept rejection.

Most of these apps are compatible with both Apple i OS and Android operating systems, so the cellphone brand of the slicker-picker is no constraint. Varsha S, 26, who has been making dates online for several months, says the men she's met have mostly been respectful and responsible.

Older, but not necessarily wiser, Chennaiites may have apprehensions about safety on blind dates made on the internet, especially for young women. "Several guys I've been with just want to be friends," she says.

"Many men are really not sure about what they want. But the conversation went off well enough," the 25-year-old says.

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"It is a party out there," said a young Chennai woman.

It's a party that Hindu Mahasabha (which threatened to marry off couples this Valentine's Day) has not been invited to and, chances are, is clueless about.

CHENNAI: "It is a party out there," said a young Chennai woman.

Chennai may have earned a reputation for being conservative, but young women and men in the city are logging in on mobile apps to hook up with blind dates on February 14.

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