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I gave him advice on how to deal with kids emotions through a divorce.

About a month went by and he called and asked me out to a movie, I said yes without even thinking. I am a christian woman, saved and forgiven by Jesus.

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It's just not's been almost 7 months and statstics show most "SEX affairs" fzzle out after about 4 months.

He has been sick and in the hospital 4 times, he had a job change so was unemployed for a few weeks and I never left his side.

She blogged that she doesnt know why I stay around with him wth the issues that we have had with his health.

I am dating a married the frst time I have said it, printed it or even admitted it.

My story is long..please be patient, and please give me feedback. Nothing out of the ordinary at first, I am a dedicated worker and do my job well so that is where my focus was.

I am a woman who has always worked in the automotive service industry so working with men is what I have always done.

My boss and I could joke about work, we talked about kids, sports all the normal things.

I have been divorced due to domestic violence an vowed to never try again. His wife would call and was always very mean to me, little did I know she was very upset he was working with a woman.

They had been havin gproblems for about 3 years and he had told her he wanted a divorce at some point. My advice was God can fix anything, but you need to look for Gods will not just follow your own heart.

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