Commitment issues dating relationship advice

Other reasons may apply to your bloke, but there's no way for me to tell based on the information you've provided.Knowing or understanding his reasoning doesn't change what you need to do, which first and foremost is to frame what's going on in a much more positive light.What reasons can you come up with that are good, positive, and supportive to the kind of relationship you want?

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Do you know if he is dating or involved with anyone else?

If the two of you have had sex, are you the only person he's being intimate with? Do you think he's hiding something from you that could prove crucial to the success of your relationship?

If so, it is time for the two of you to calmly discuss what's up.

I don't doubt that you the man you are dating is biding his time with you or afraid of commitment.

But unless he's actually said these words to you (and frankly, if he has, it's time for you to move on anyway) you need to remove them from your train of thought.

A man who is afraid of commitment can be leery of jumping into something for many reasons: his last relationship threw him for a loop, he's dating other people, he's trying to make a decision about where he wants the relationship to go, cultural differences, the two of you haven't shared many dates together despite having dated for eight months (i.e.

you've only managed to see each other once or twice a month since meeting) or he's plain just not ready to commit.

Q: I have been seeing this great guy for 8 months and he is still reluctant to say we are exclusive or boyfriend/girlfriend.

He says we are dating, but does not want to rush things.

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