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This article discusses the process of opening an older project for the first time, and some of the choices you are offered when doing so.&New Line; Opening older projects saves a new version When you open an older project in Logic Pro X it does not change the original project in any way.

Instead, a new copy in the Logic Pro X project format is created which leaves the original project in place.

You can continue to work with the original project in the version of Logic it was last saved in if you want.

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EXS instruments created via a Re Cycle import are placed in a Sampler Instruments/Re Cycle sub-folder of the project folder.

All audio data generated by a Re Cycle import is placed in the Re Cycle Audio folder, alongside the project file.

Logic Pro X can open projects you created in Logic Pro 5 or Logic Express 5 or later.

A project folder can be copied or moved to another location by using any of the standard operating system methods.

This is great for the archiving and transport of projects to other studios or facilities.

The following should be taken into account when copying or moving project folders: Select the checkboxes in the first column to choose files for removal.The name and path of the file to be deleted is shown in the last two columns.Only files with active checkboxes in the first column are deleted. If multiple rows are selected, a click in any checkbox switches all selected rows to the new state (either selected or unselected).The Clean Up command only deletes unused files (all types, except movie files).Clean Up takes into account the project currently loaded, and all other Logic Pro project files in the project folder.Only files that are not used by any of these projects are displayed in the Clean Up list.

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