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I'm using BWM Lite on the following network, modem | wireless router (D-link 2310) - wireless pc, laptop | gigabit switch ________________|_________________ | | | | ICS, BWM | - tenant's pc I used to have the tenant's computer hooked into the router but he's started using all of my bandwidth for his downloading hence the awkward setup.

It seems to work properly, limiting his bandwidth but when I try to do file transfers on the internal lan the bwm service uses 30-50% cpu power.

The rules are: Protocol: TCP/UDP Direction: In Rate: 50 KB/s Source: Any IP Address Destination: Any IP Address Interface: Local Area Connection 3 (the 10Mb card he's hooked up to) Protocol: TCP/UDP Direction: Out Rate: 15 KB/s Source: Any IP Address Destination: Any IP Address Interface: Local Area Connection 3 Have I done something wrong in the rules?

In your scenario bridging will not give any performance improvement.

I hope I can add the kernel-level local traffic filter soon to make BWM more usable in scenarios like this.

I have just added a kernel-level LAN traffic filter which allows to ignore traffic between specified local IP addresses before these packets get processed by BWM.

This thus permits hi-speed LAN transfers with a low CPU usage.

Would bridging be more efficient than ICS for this? Even though you don't have any rules, the bandwidth manager service is hooked into all adapters on the computer, so all traffic via all interfaces is being checked against the rules.

Nothing wrong with your rules, its just how BWM manager works, and the draw-back to using it on a non-dedicated internet gateway. I'll just keep stopping the service then for the really large transfers.With 1-5GB transfers the speed hit doesn't bother me but when I move 100GB at a time the 50% slow down hurts. There will be an improvement in BWM that would (optionally) filter out local traffic at the kernel level which would greatly improve performance.Maybe I'll get lucky and find a good used managed or smart switch for sale. Actually ICS is a good choice for 1 to 10 users behind it.The new build can be downloaded here: Standard Edition | Lite Edition.The new option needs to be explicitly enabled in the BWM's Options as shown below. Wow, very quick service the new version seems to be working very well.While my cpu useage is still close to 50% I'm getting much better transfer speeds.


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