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*Rankings include US News & World Report, Newsweek, Academic Ranking of World Universities, Business Week, & Forbes; valid for the past 5 years If someone on Catch22 did not attend the school listed on their profile, we'll refund your money and ensure their profile is corrected.

Catch22Dating is a community of highly educated, successful singles including graduate students and young professionals in their 20s and 30s.

At Catch22, we understand the unique dating needs, interests, and time limitations of doctors.

We know that life as a Doctor can be demanding, what with ever changing.

The Catch22 community includes graduate students and young professionals aged 22-40 who have attended the nation's top universities and colleges.

Schools include those on par with top 50 ranked national undergraduate universities and liberal arts colleges or top 25 ranked graduate programs.* Exceptions include medical students and physicians, all of whom are eligible.

Each member's qualifying school is verified using the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) for NSC registered schools and through proof of education when an NSC report is not available.** Every member is also checked against the National Sex Offender Registry. Customize who can and cannot see your profile; for example, co-workers, employers, classmates and friends.

We verify your dates and help screen for you so that you can focus on getting to know your matches.

Meeting like-minded, smart singles who value education, professional achievement and living life to the fullest has never been easier.

Whether you matriculated from the Ivy League, a great state school or built your career from the ground up, Catch22Dating is the online dating site for doctors like you.

has inspired twice as many marriages as any other site, with hundreds of thousands of singles finding love. Single doctors We often think and believe that we share a healthy relationship with our spouse. The best, largest and most successful online dating site for doctor singles! Completely secure site Thousands of singles online and ready to flirt. 1 Online Dating Social Networking Site for Single Doctors.

Dating Single Doctors - The Best Doctor Dating site. Single Doctors Dating Service - Meet Single Doctors, Nurses, Healthcare and Medical Physicians Seeking a Relationship. Single Doctors Looking for Love, Romance and Relationships Online. Marry Doctor is the largest and best single doctors online dating site, which provides users with best doctor match service, you can chat with,date or marry a doctor.


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