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Flirting and Courting Rituals of The Victorian Era In Victorian society courting rituals were put into effect to keep the young ladies pure and the gentlemen confused.

dating and marriage in the victorian era-78

“After this formal introduction the gentleman would give the young lady his card to remember him by and at the end of the evening the young lady would look through her cards to see which gentleman she would allow to court her” (Powell).

She would give the gentleman permission to court her by giving that gentleman her card and the right to call on her at her home where the courtship must take place.

In Victorian society there were certain criteria that each party followed to find the perfect suitor.

If they followed these rules to pick their mate their personal shortcomings would balance out when they married.

Because Victorian society was repressive towards true emotion, gentlemen and their ladies could not publicly express their love for one another.

Because of this restriction couples found new ways to show their love by a secret language that was nonverbal.

This language consisted of the art of the fan, gloves, parasols and handkerchiefs that gave meaning to their movements.

Certain criteria consisted of “not marrying a person with the same eye color as yourself, marrying someone that was opposite of you in physical and mental characteristics, and marry someone with straight or thicker hair if your hair was curly or thin” (“Finding” 2).

After a suitable suitor is chosen and the young lady and the gentleman begin to court certain rules must be followed.

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