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He's so awesome I wish I had a boyfriend like that. I'd take my shirt off but it's not like you'd wanna see THOSE ha-ha.

bimbo 2: Oh god no LOL he's just my bestest friend ever. so anyway i hate how Kevin always holds my head down every time I suc-- guy: god please kill me now.

bimbo 1: Ouch, friend zoned.girl: oh-em-gee I just LUV you.

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The frustrating position a guy finds himself in when he has(or develops) romantic feelings for a girl in a platonic friendship who is unaware of how he feels despite numerous affections and favors.

Guys stuck in the friend zone can usually be seen giving sappy gifts, acting codependent doing her constant favors, cuddling, giving backrubs and crying themselves to sleep when she hooks up with everybody else.

She remains oblivious that he's doing it all to try and woo her, since every attempt feels like an act of friendship instead. Any woe is actually your misogynist belief that a girl is obligated to fuck you for simply being her friend or acting really nice.

tl;dr you're a pig who hasn't checked his privilege and thinks he deserves access to a woman's body when he feels like it.

Nice guys believe the friend zone is what happens when you treat girls with respect.

The reality is nobody wants an overly nice "yes-man" with no confidence and the personality of a wet mop. YOU think it's because she's too dumb to notice how much of an obvious special snowflake you are for being really super nice and attentive instead of hitting on her... Truth is, it's his/your own fault for dragging feet until the dating window closed and never speaking up.The ONLY way out now is to sit down and TALK TO HER. Saw your facebook how Dave takes you out all the time, buys you dinner and does all these nice things.Maybe she'll reject you, maybe she won't... I'm soooo jealous he even bought you tickets to the concert and that necklace.I'm so lonely, if only I could find a great guy like you. guy: well ya know, I am single after all ;) girl: LOL eww not in a hundred years that would be like dating my brother! I arrived at the lunch thinking a new job or freelancing gig might be on the table.


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