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And when instant messages from saucy fifty plus women pop up on his screen, Dad is convinced he is being set up in some kind of law enforcement scheme.

Since we’re on a bit of a Red flag Roll, here’s another blog post I read this morning that is FULL of them. Now, I’m going to take this to mean that they never actually met. By the time this all went down, they had known each other via work for a little over a year. Or they didn’t care, as this guy has a habit of falling in and out of love.

Single Dating Diva has been gracious enough to let me deconstruct it. The “romantic” development began the spring of this year. The reasons why a man will ask a woman to hide something are that he’s either very private, embarrassed by something about the relationship OR he’s being dishonest in some way. But only because the two people are of the same emotional/social maturity level. That, my friends, is when her internal warning system went off.

She’s not going to curl up in the fetal position and cry in the corner and run to twitter and tell everyone about her omigod “haters” and lock up her tweets. We have been through various ups and downs together, as friends. If he does it in public it’s because he’s trying to prove something to the woman he’s dating or someone else. Since he ran to Facebook and announced this, the “very private” excuse doesn’t cut it. So then they’ve basically been flirting for 3 months. Somebody talking about buying furniture with you after dating 3 months, let alone”dating,” should raise that red flag. He could have made a joking reference to needing her help shopping for a couch. In any case, 3 months of non-in person interaction is not nearly enough time to have such conversations. When I hear these stories of people meeting over the internet and never meeting for a year but falling in love, I roll my eyes. So he cancels this trip that he was super excited to take. But instead of just dropping him and letting him show her if he was being genuine, SDD decided to “trap” him in his lies.

According to the latest headlines, boomers are hitting dating sites in record numbers looking for love.

I didn't need a newspaper article to figure this out because my 62 year old father is living proof of the trend.

While my Dad is quite adept at checking his stocks or uncovering research about his latest ailment, he seems to have a mental block when it comes to online dating.

He can't quite ever remember how to locate his favorite matchmaking site, add changes to his personal profile or make adjustments to his preference settings.

So it is without further ado, and here's to hoping there tips help you and the sons and daughters of single boomers everywhere!

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