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But, you don’t have to purchase a game to have fun. A lot of these songs bring back good memories, too. Thankfully, traveling with kids does get easier the older they get.

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Bring along a tote filled with new books, magnetic dollhouses, felt books, coloring books, and games. Wheels on the Bus was like a soothing balm to her ears. Think about choking hazards when planning for snacks. Also, keep a supply of baby wipes handy to clean fingers and faces easily. Stop for a picnic and let the kids run around a play in the middle of the day.

One of our favorite games is our wooden {affiliate link} Melissa & Doug License Plate game. Like I said, I had one child who hated her car seat worse than anything from the day she was born. Thankfully by the time she turned two years old she no longer cried when it was time to buckle up! We stopped at a Sam’s Club, purchased a DVD player for the car and bought a few DVD’s to go along with it. If you will be in the car for hours during the day, it’s fun to stop at a local park, state park, or rest stop to eat lunch. We recently stopped for Chinese and ate it at a picnic table while traveling to Florida.

When we went to Florida earlier this year – which is a good 14 hours from our house – we kept a look out for license plates the entire two week trip. But music can be a wonderful and fun way to pass the time in the car. When my youngest child wouldn’t stop crying and kept throwing up. Stopping in a park will give your children a chance to burn off some of that pent up energy and picnics are always fun.

We had all but two states on our map when we arrived home. My children grew up listening to wonderful ballads, silly songs, classical music, and more over the years. If the park has a playground young children will have even more fun!

Over the years we have taken more “family road trips” than I can count. From California to Georgia to Michigan and Florida, we’ve spent countless hours sitting in the car together. This is probably my number one tip for traveling with young children.

In fact, almost not a month goes by that we don’t travel somewhere. I have five kids, and when they were younger, driving in the car across the country had it’s good and bad moments. Very often we will leave home at or in the morning {sometimes earlier}.

I had one sweet baby {who I shall not name} who hated riding in her car seat. And as awful as that might sound, arriving at your destination soon after the kids wake up is golden.

It’s a wonderful solution for kids who whine, complain, and fuss on long trips. Have games and special activities planned for the trip. Pack a few easy to clean up snacks that your children love. Believe me, when your child sucks in a peppermint candy in the car as you drive along and she’s strapped into a car seat – it’s a terrifying experience!

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