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Since the early 1970s the first digit of the serial number has denoted the year of manufacture.

The decade has to be judged by the rest of the serial.

For example serial 5 - 300000 was given to a government minister in the opening party of the new factory in 1975.

Since 1996, each Landola guitar has featured a serial number that pinpoints the year and the month when the guitar was manufactured.Reading left to right, the first two digits represent the year and the second pair of digits represents the month. year - month - serial So, for example if the serial number were 0201-14725 the guitar would have been made in January 2002. " is one of the most frequently asked question our customer service replies.With this table we have tried to make it easy for every Landola player to date his or her guitar by interpreting the serial number printed on the manufacturer's sticker located inside the guitar. manufactured pre-1961 were marked by punching the serial number to the edge of the top head.The numbering system has changed three times along with the owner changes.We have not been able to track down all the serial numbers.

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