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Jeremy John Wade, a native of rural Suffolk, England, UK where he grew up on the banks of the Suffolk Stour, currently resides in the countryside near Bath, Somerset, UK when he's not traveling to some far off land to catch "monster" fish and film the TV Series, River Monsters, a production of Icon Films for Animal Planet. When you begin your entertainment writing career as a fan you walk in with a lot of preconceived notions and a lot of misconceptions about actors.

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When it comes to Jeremy Renner however, something is different. I feel he was actually put on this earth to make me smile. But at the same time "boy's got some issues." This leads me to ask the question:1. However, he also says that "any woman would take a No 2. Ladies, not sure about you but that doesn't sound so great to me.

Something about him runs deeper with me than just "that hot actor guy." I haven't felt this way about a talent in a long time. I've seen every single thing he's done and then watched it again. I'm happy for him, but I figured he'd probably change. If I'm going to be dating Jeremy Renner I want to know I'm his earth, moon and stars.

I've been a fan since 2002 when he did because I love my weird serial killer movies. Would you be able to handle coming in second place to Hawkeye and Aaron Cross? Someone who can pack up and put their life on hold and follow him around with no strings attached. Travel the world in luxury, be there for your famous boyfriend when he needs you and just chill out.

campaign and she's like, 'Where do I get headshots? But for some they'd miss their family and lose a sense of who they really are.

How would this work for you, could you give up your identity for a celebrity romance? Renner has a bit of a bad boy streak in him and at 40-plus years-old is that ever going to end?

While it's sexy in the movies, is it sexy to have to worry about what story you might wake up to every time he's on location? No amount of money and fame is gonna shut her up if my partner is humiliating the family in any way. As far as my opinion goes, well, I think I'll hold this card close to the vest.Even if yesterday he was participating in mine clearing efforts in Afghanistan.4. Okay, I know a lot of people have sisters but I can barely get along with my one sister, so add two more to the mix and I might just be out. Just thinking about what those carcinogens were doing to him. Of course I could hope he'd love me so much he'd quit because he'd realize how every time he took a drag off that cigarette it was that much less time he'd have with me. My Renner feelings are something I hold dear because quite honestly I don't have a lot left at this point with Hollywood.Sisters are so much drama and Jeremy is the big brother figure in the family. I don't think I could even kiss Jeremy with smoke mouth. I get that a lot of actors smoke because it's one thing they can do to get away and they control it. I can't even imagine what might go down if he brought home a serious girlfriend after becoming a huge celebrity. One of my friends just died of lung cancer at 34 years-old leaving behind a preschool son. Hey, maybe they are the sweetest women in the world and I'm praying for his sake they are. These two own a business together that they put a lot of time into. Would you ever be able to come between him and Kristoffer Winters or would it just be yet another obstacle in his life you can't push past?

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