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’ and I’m super suspicious of anyone who would approach me that way."It’s clear that these guys are sending the same sexy message to a lot of women.

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If Bumble takes off, I hope it will change dating culture offline, as well as on.

In 2014, we still have a weird romantic culture in which the prevailing idea is that men approach women.

And when men are made to feel like they have to be the proactive ones, it isn’t surprising that some of them are sending out mass explicit messages and sexts.

(When gay users are matched, either party can get in touch first.) Wolfe admits that the system still isn’t foolproof (“the product cannot control how people speak to each other”) but it's been designed in the hopes that it will give women a better online dating experience. Wolfe left her job at Tinder after filing a sexual harassment lawsuit against chief Marketing Officer Justin Mateen.

Tinder eventually settled with Wolfe, but the event left many users with concern about the company culture - if there are questions about the way they treat women within the company, can they be trusted with the welfare of female users?

Wolfe has taken these concerns on board and identified that the online dating experience is different for women.

Now, she's worked out a way to level the playing field.

I really shouldn’t have been on there on the first place (it was for an article and I made my fiance sign up too) but I found Tinder traumatic.

Admittedly I was swiping right on everyone, but I was getting nine sexual messages for every polite, introductory hello.

But the ladies were so overwhelmed by the dick pics and the niche requests (‘Let me film you naked on my dog? Spending half an hour on Tinder to find a date doesn’t sound like a long time, but it feels interminable when you’ve had to work your way through all those sex messages. “It isn’t that I’m not eventually going to be, you know, up for it, I just want to establish some chemistry first.

I can’t look at a thumb nail sized headshot and think ‘Yes, you’ll do!

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