Dating on line the pitfalls

Anyway, age gaps are SO in at the moment, think Harry Styles, Mary Kate Olsen and Madonna for instance.

You'll soon find out if age is a problem once you go on a few dates (ordering dinosaur-shaped chicken pieces is a sure hint! Keep positive – Discovering your hates with an aggressive-sounding profile is a sure way to make sure he clicks onto the next person. Keep your bio fresh and simple with a little air of mystery to make sure he wants to know more. Constant mentions of how gorgeous you are, how much your latest holiday cost or how insanely fabulous you are (even if it's true) just aren't the way to win a man's heart.

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Actress Michaela Watkins habitually breaks into voices. I found that didn’t really kick in until I was around puberty, and I just felt so awkward all the time. I’m going to make myself look like an ass to get the laugh.

They're hilarious, because she is, but they're also helpful—to illustrate points, to flesh out stories, to empathize or illustrate a type of personality. I’m going to not worry about vanity because I can’t win this game.

Creating great voices is her habit: Watkins has played an absolutely impressive and consistent and memorable parade of characters in television and movies for over a decade. Would you mostly imitate people around you or would you invent characters? Then when you become a bitchy girl around 14, I would do other students. I thought, This one over here, Kathy, she’s coming unglued.

Yes an all revealing, pouting perfect pic will get you lots of attention (not all good) just as an average photo of you in front of the mirror could cause a lack of interest.

Make sure the picture is natural and true to who you are, after all, you want a guy who is interested in the real you don't you?

Stick to these four golden rules and you'll be a clicking success when online dating!

Who knows, your Christian Grey could be just around the corner…

It seems so as online and mobile dating services such as Flirt Finder have noticed an increase in their female users.

Are you hoping your own Christian Grey is available at the click of a mouse?

But if you've turned to online dating sites to help you find the man of your dreams there are some common mistakes us girls make along the way that often turn men off your profile.

BE A DIGITAL DATING DIVA WITH THESE TOP TIPS"We have seen a dramatic increase of users openly looking for their own Mr Grey in their profiles over the past couple of months," says Justin Battell, managing director of Flirt Finder."Despite this, some are still tripping up on common blunders on their profiles which, if repeated, can be a real turn off."10 TRUTHS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT ONLINE DATINGWith this in mind, here are the top four online dating blunders to avoid: Don't lie about your age – If he finds you attractive then it's as simple as that, whether you're twenty or fifty simply doesn't matter.

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