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Store owner Richard Allen wanders among it all, prepared to explain the significance of historic ski banners, patches from the 10th Mountain Division of the U. Allen started collecting skis and other gear from his family in the late '80s, including a pair of handmade Norwegian wooden skis that his grandfather used in the early 1900s.(If that sounds like a long time ago, consider the fact that skiing may be as much as 7,000 years old, dating back to some skis that have been found in Scandinavia, Allen said.)Allen's ski fanaticism is homegrown - he and his five brothers and sisters came to Aspen for the first time in 1959.In one black-and-white portrait, his family stands at the top of Aspen Mountain, clad in hand-knit ski sweaters and wool pants by White Stag, a popular brand at the time.

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Allen moved to Aspen in the mid-'70s from Lake Minnetonka, Minn.

He started Alpine Cleaning and eventually pursued his collecting hobby to its fullest, filling two storage spaces in Carbondale with memorabilia."In 1989 I found a sporting goods store in Portland, Ore., with a basement full of new-old stock from the 1940s through '60s," he said.

"It was all skis, boots and poles that had never been sold."Allen's collection continued to grow while he started a poster business and an Internet store at

For a couple of summers he sold his posters and prints at the Aspen Saturday Market, and turned a van into a moving collection, which he still uses to host vintage ski-themed parties all over the West.

This past fall, Allen was approached by local ski shop owner and former ski racer Stefan Kaelin, who asked Allen if he'd be interested in setting up shop on the Cooper Avenue mall.

Kaelin once owned this space, and partnered with real estate broker Peter Greene and Allen to create the shop's concept.

"I was very concerned about the high rent here, and fairly nervous about it, until Peter helped me crunch the numbers and we figured out that this was doable," Allen said.

Have you ever looked down at your shaped skis carving down the slopes and wondered what you'd do without modern ski technology?

Vintage Ski World will provide you with a reality check.

The shop, located on the Cooper Avenue mall in downtown Aspen, features new gear dating back to skiing's earliest days in Aspen, and also serves as a local skiing museum and a virtual trip around the world.

Thin wooden skis hang on the walls, boots from the 1960s in mint condition are on display, and racks of clothing reveal ski fashions from several decades ago. The shop's constant stream of customers includes wide-eyed visitors and local skiing enthusiasts who linger so long that Allen's partner in the venture, Mary Roland, jokes about charging a admission fee.


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