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A handsome-looking US soldier introduced himself online to Svitlana.

They were exchanging messages for months before she invited him to come to Ukraine.

A few days later she received a letter claiming to be from the US military, which was asking Svitlana for airfare.

Last year at the height of tensions between Russia and Ukraine, more Western men were planning their trip to the Black Sea city of Odesa to find their eastern European soulmate than the previous year.

Olena Sosnovska, marriage agency director: Ukrainian internet dating has been seeking to rebrand itself.

Online sites are fighting their image of pairing seedy-looking older Western men with young women from poor, impoverished backgrounds.

As the Ukraine's economy improves, options available for travel to the region have improved dramatically - along with a greater availability for goods and services.

However, the Ukraine is still very much a cash economy, despite its attempts to integrate into European and other international institutions.

As a result of this, and without any regulatory bodies with any real clout to step in, there are many points for financial exploitation within Ukraine The Ukraine police forces are notoriously corrupt - bribes are solicited by police on a day to day basis, and in many cases, officers are paid off by criminals to turn a blind eye to crime - minor or major.'s probably a record breaking amount." Ukraine is home to some of the most beautiful women in the world.

This is Tetiana, she is a former Ukrainian TV presenter.

Tetiana recently married a Belgian man and moved to his hometown.

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