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Click here to take our quick (and shockingly accurate) “Why Isn’t He Texting You Back” Quiz right now and find out why he’s not texting you back… It’s not something you can fake – your vibe comes from how you genuinely feel in the privacy of your own mind – and no matter how you’re acting on the outside, your vibe will reflect how you feel on the inside.A good vibe comes from a positive mood – where you’re feeling relaxed, comfortable, and happy.

A proactive thing to do would be to make other plans, so that if he flakes on you, then you have something fun you can do without him.

If he doesn’t respond when you ask him what he wants for dinner, be proactive – get whatever you want and have that.

If he complains, he could’ve told you what he wanted.

But when you text him from a good vibe – it won’t feel like a chore for him to respond, and he’ll be much more likely to text you back.

There’s another core reason why guys suddenly stop texting back – and it has everything to do with you being proactive or reactive. Well, when you’re being reactive – then you feel upset or hurt when he doesn’t text back.

When you’re being proactive – you’re still in control – you have power and choice in the situation, and and he left you hanging.A reactive thing to do would be to get mad at him and send him angry texts (which would carry a bad vibe with them).If you’re feeling anxious, or angry at him, or worried about your relationship – it’s going to come through in your vibe and he’ll be able to sense it.Now – if your mood and your well-being and your sense of happiness is hinging on whether this guy responds to you or not – that’s going to give off a bad vibe that will make him want to stop texting you.And here’s the crux of it: When you text him and it comes from a bad vibe – it will always feel like a chore or a burden for him to respond.Letting a bad vibe fester is one of the biggest mistakes that destroys relationships.

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