Dating services online omaha ne kristen cavallari is dating

And it’s not just online services churning out newlyweds.

Brick-and-mortar businesses are playing matchmaker, too. Nebraska dating service Omaha Love is one such business.

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Lonely hearts who first walk into Omaha Love’s office might think they’re in Cupid’s hideout: White leather couches and pictures of happy couples adorn the walls.

First-timers — more than 1,000 per year, she said — meet with Quinlan and fill out a profile: Hobbies, religious beliefs, last date and what they’re looking for are all covered. Omaha Love has partnerships with an image consultant and makeup artist. Omaha Love can refer a nutritionist and personal trainer.

Having problems in a relationship or with the dating process? Nebraska Dating, another such service, is part of a national network of dating sites.

Like Omaha Love, it offers coaching services and other amenities.

Megan Giesselmann is a lot luckier than most who use dating services — she found her husband on her first date through Farmers Only.

The niche dating service aimed at rural matchmaking linked Megan with Matt Giesselmann.“I had been on Match for a short period of time, but I only went on a couple dates,” Megan said of

“Some of those are so generalized, you don’t get as good a match.” As online dating grows in popularity, Cupid is shooting more e-arrows.

Dating services of the online and mobile app variety in the United States were expected to bring in more than billion this year, according to IBISWorld data.

It also is portable: If a client moves across the country, he or she can get matched by another service in that area.


  1. And it’s not just online services churning out newlyweds.

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