Dating snaps on dresses

Or shadily obsessing over some C-list movie you stumbled upon, thanks to Netflix.

Although these types of things won't ooze sex, it's impossible to say we don't find it sexy when you do them.

It's why we were attracted to Miley Cyrus she faux-masturbated, publicly, using a foam finger, during the VM-f*cking-As.

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Things are always more attractive when they're natural, anyway.

It may be subtle, and I know we just hit the deli quick for a coffee, but when you sidestep that mascara, it shows me that I've made you comfortable. Waking up next to you draped in my retro Larry Johnson jersey or one of my over-worn vintage rock tees, makes me never want to leave the bed. Yeah, partly because I have immaculate taste in clothing.

But mostly because they're always a few sizes too big on you, and the way it hangs loose off your shoulders is just too inviting. to cook you show me that you're willing to help me out, and offer a break from the typical night out on the town.

I love it when you're laid up next to me, watching a Knicks game.

Even though I know you don't have the slightest clue of what's going on, or what a “Carmelo” is – it's the fact that you're trying to share my interests that I'm attracted to. It's equally as sexy when you're watching the Yankees, hoping for a shuffles onto my i Pod, while we're out driving, and you smirk at me before rapping along – it's the sexiest.

Especially when 75 percent of the verse you just rapped consisted of the words “bitch,” “pussy” and “ho.” In fact, you really didn't know most of the lyrics outside of the words “bitch,” “pussy” and “ho”; regardless, it was slightly embarrassing, and you still looked bad as hell doing it. , and when you recognize this – and say “f*ck it” – it's irresistible.

I know you wore all that makeup when we met to impress me, but by now you already know you got it.

There are certain things you might be doing – without even knowing – that we guys will find irresistible, all the same.

Life is about the little things, the low-key things (as I've explained in the past).

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