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La peut on prendre cialis tous les jours Un détruisit: avait avait prix du levitra en pharmacie purent. among those who have not yet been inked, your idea of a tattoo parlor may be in need of revision.The inside of Mike Parsons Ink is modern, sleek and immaculate.Music ranging from heavy metal to the blues plays softly through hidden speakers and examples of Parsons’ work decorates the walls in the fashion of a modern art gallery.

Nor could anyone not familiar with him know his sheer intensity. As he prepares to begin the process of art on flesh, people crowd around him, often talking loudly about things beyond tattoos.

Parsons carefully and deliberately folds a protective paper covering on a prop for his client’s arm.

He slowly, purposefully, brings out his instruments and fills small containers with the ink he will use.

That image, however, fades quickly upon meeting him.

He is quick to smile and laugh, and frequently greets friends and customers with a hug.

His intelligence and quick wit are readily apparent.

No one would ever guess that a guy who looks like him would be into tropical fish, gourmet cooking and gardening,confided a close friend.

A bumper sticker tacked onto a filing cabinet discretely tucked away in Mike Parson’s office reads, “Tattoos: Not just for sailors anymore.” Actually, the bumper sticker included another segment of the population as well, but for the pages of this newspaper, we’ll just describe them as “women of ill-repute.” Regardless, it speaks the truth. His work, all original of course, is displayed exclusively on the most sacrosanct and intimate of venues – the human body. His work can be found on rock stars and grandmothers across the Bay area and across the nation.

The American Academy of Dermatology estimates that more than 40 million Americans are now sporting tattoos. In April he opened his own shop, Mike Parsons Ink, on Lincoln Road, just off of Big Bend Road in Riverview.

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