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A true leader and pioneer of digital e Books, using graphics as website backgrounds, self-contained traffic systems, membership site bonuses, and other techniques now accepted and used worldwide.

He has helped hundreds of thousands of everyday people like you and me who want to build successful Internet based businesses.

People who want freedom from cubicles and economic troubles.

Why small businesses are canceling group health insurance and the impact of health care reform on small businesses: Webinar: Why Your Small Business Clients Will Cancel Group Health Insurance in 2014 Webinar...

And how to retain them with a defined contribution and individual policy solution With the opening of the new Health Insurance Marketplaces in October 2013, many small business clients will cancel their group health insurance policy in favor of individual health policy offerings and defined contribution ("HRA") plans. Because 1) Defined contribution and individual health policies will cost LESS than group health insurance, and 2) There is no tax penalty for not offering health insurance for small businesses.

If you do not offer your small business clients a defined contribution and individual health policy option, someone else will.Health insurance professionals should attend this webinar to learn how to retain small business clients with an "individual-based" defined contribution solution.Dear Friend: We get so many questions about the War Room every day that I decided to create this post to let new people to the forum know what the War Room is and what it can do for you.To begin with, the Warrior Forum itself is the oldest and most successful Internet Marketing Forum on the planet.Trusted by tens of thousands, the Warrior Forum has made many millionaires.Allen Says has made millions year after year for the last decade.

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