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Suffice it to say, I’ve got enough knowledge of the online dating world that I’ve noticed definite patterns arise in the kind of men a woman is likely to see.

To the point of magnifying the sole concept we get no second chance in this life.” What does that even mean?

It starts out OK, but by the third sentence the meaning is drowning in syllables.

His profile also read similarly — like a thesaurus threw up all over his keyboard.

Admittedly, I don’t have a whole ton of personal experience in online dating.

I’ve created profiles on Ok Cupid and checked the “looking for friends” box (hint: these sites really don’t work well for finding friends).

I’ve also created fake dating profiles just to see what the prospects are like as a woman in the online dating world.And then I have a good number of friends who’ve shared their horror stories with me.The best part is when these same men angrily message a few hours or days later with an angry all-caps, “WELL I GUESS I’M NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU THEN.” Well you didn’t exactly give us anything to work off of, buddy.The word salad spinner These might possibly be my favorite messages.One fellow in particular sent the following message: “Very rare for exterior beauty to accompany intellectualism.Though I’m quite fond of those with auspicious characteristics.


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  3. Be informed If you are dating a cancer survivor, it would help to know right from the start what this entails.

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