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Situations such as this are helped sometimes through community discussions, through the forum and chat.

Some disability sites have doctors and counselors online also. Some of the severely disabled men, resort to injecting liquid Viagra® and or liquid Cialis® and other medicines which can sometimes be used to stimulate paralysis.

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Ironically fortunate for disabled dating websites and these sites too are extremely helpful to all the disabled people however.

But disabled dating, the topic here is not all about horny cybering junkies, sex freaks, scammers and pervs that join theses places.

Although, all sites have their share of kooks, fakers, groupies and sex maniacs, the vast majority of people that join these dating sites are genuinely looking for romance, friends, support, and chat conversation and a loneliness cure from a cyber community.

Retrieved from the Web site of the Institute on Community Integration, University of Minnesota ( are available from the Publications Office of the Institute on Community Integration.

Citation: Fager, S., Hancox, D., Ely, C., Stenhjem, P., & Gaylord, V. The first copy of this issue is free; additional copies are $4 each.

You can request copies by phone at 612/624-4512 or e-mail at [email protected], or you can fax or mail us an order form.

Internet Dating sites are booming and Disability Dating sites are too!

Persons with a disability are also looking for the same things able body people are looking for and finding it.

Although, unfortunately, there are some disabled Para and Quadriplegic members to the disabled dating sites who have total sexual dysfunction and no sensory feelings at all due to paralysis.

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