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LOG on the remote DPs for every package that wouldn't deploy: Processing incoming file E:\SMS\inboxes\\INCOMING\Z3AWAX9I. Package 009000B7 requires a newer version (3) of source files and the new compressed files haven't arrived yet, current version is 2, skip E:\SMS\inboxes\\INCOMING\Z3AWAX9I.

PKG My friend Brian Tucker told me about a method he has used in the past to fix these issues.

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Sometimes you have a really big package that you don't want to saturate your entire WAN with.

Also, I wanted to understand changing the sourcepath forced the package to redeploy. PCK files are the compressed copies of each package that SMS sends to each DP.

Once the PCK gets copied to the DP it gets extracted onto the Dist share. For the majority of the packages that were misbehaving, this wasn't occurring.

This will return any Package/DP combination where the package hasn't been deployed to that DP properly. First off, the obvious things to check or try for a misbehaving package: (Let me preface the next part by saying that almost all of our remote DPs are also CAPs and MPs - I'm not exactly sure what components will be on a separate server if you have these functions split up.

I've written a nice little HTA for this that also gets some information about the Package itself (name, manufacturer, etc). I plan to add an automated fix to the HTA and make it available for download at some point. The same methods should work though) Ok, now on to the fun stuff.

After doing the things above, I was left with about 50 instances of packages that didn't want to deploy properly.

After doing a bit of digging, I found the following errors in DISTMGR.

I've recently done some digging into why certain SMS packages don't make it to either all or specific Distribution Points.

As I Googled around I saw that a number of other people were having similar issues and I never saw anyone with a good fix for any of the problems.


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