English dating sims for girls

Sushi Rangers (Google Play and i Tunes) *Midnight Cinderella: Ikémen Royal Romances (Google Play and i Tunes) *Mistress Contract (Google Play and i Tunes) *Mote Mote (Google Play and i Tunes) *My Forged Wedding: PARTY (Google Play and i Tunes) *My Romantic Three Kingdoms (Google Play) *Mystical Butterfly (Google Play: Suzaku route, Genbu route, Byakko route, Seiryu route.i Tunes: Suzaku route, Genbu route, Byakko route, Seiryu route) *Office Lover~ My Boss is a Dangerous Playboy~ (Google Play and i Tunes) *Once Upon a Fairy Love Tale - Fairy Tail Prince (Google Play) *Pure Love (Google Play and i Tunes) *Royal Midnight Kiss (Google Play) *Seal of Lycoris (Google Play: Tomoyuki route, Cain route, Yuie routei Tunes: Tomoyuki route, Cain route, Yuie route)*Seven Hotties, All My Husband (Google Play) ~~~Small note: Most of the Shall We Date series have a paid version as well as the free versions~~~ *Shall We Date?Angel or Devil (Google Play and i Tunes) *Shall We Date? Lost Island (Google Play and i Tunes) *Shall We Date?

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Mononoke Kiss (Google Play and i Tunes) *Shall We Date?

My Fairy Tales (Google Play and i Tunes) *Shall We Date?

My Sweet Prince (Google Play and i Tunes) *Shall We Date?

Cafe Rouge Castle Chase Clockwork City Cute Demon Crashers Days of the Divine (Also available on Google Play) Doppelganger: Dawn of the Inverted Soul Double Romance Elvine The Empty Orchestra Fae Fantasia: Requiem of the Abyss Fantasia, The Realm of Thanos Fate/Knight Rhapsody ACT 1 (incomplete) Freak-Quency Frozen Essence Get Dumped ☆ Halloween Otome Heartful Chance Heartstring Bugs Heavenly Playgirl Dating Sim Idol Crush Ishara: Bane of the Seas I want 2 be Single Jurassic Heart (Both online & downloadable) Kaleidoscope 2 The Knife of a Traitor Love Blossom Extended (Also available on Google Play) Lunar Chime (Demo only)Magical Otoge Ciel Memento Dears Memoirs of an Angel *My Candy Love (Requires signing up)My Raising Diary My Sunshine My Teacher One Leaf Clover Orange Couch Other Age Nachtigal (Actually a pay-what-you-want download, but I encourage you if you can, donate! Pizz’Amore (P)lanets- the life of normalcy has ended!

Pure Tears Prince Maker Re: Alistair++ Rei Ristorante Amore Romance Detective Romance is Dead Sakuya-Free Edition School Festival (Also available on Google Play)Seduce Me Serafina’s Saga Shutter Chance 0.9 Signed XSkights Splendidest Otoge *Star Project (Requires signing up) Summer Found Me Taarradhin (Also a pay-what-you-want!

) A Troll’s Fairytale Zayay Pacthesis’s Sim Dates PPHS Dating Sim Jam games (Some are online and some are downloads) Ren'Ai’s list of Gx B games English games for Smartphones:**Note: Games for Gree are now defunct.** *2/2 Lover- Angels and Demons (i Tunes) *Animal Boyfriend- Paws & Tails (Google Play and i Tunes) *Arabian Nights Love Story (Google Play and i Tunes) Bedtime Sweetheart- Shall We Sleep?

(Google Play and i Tunes) *The Cinderella Contract (Google Play) *Contract Marriage (Both) *Forbidden Love (Google Play and i Tunes) *The Idol Dormitory (Google Play) *It’s Our Secret (Google Play) London Detective Story (Only free on i Tunes) Long Story (1st episode free) (Available on Google Play, i Tunes, and PC) *Love Academy (Google Play and i Tunes) *Love Legend of Sengoku (Google Play) *Love!

I get quite a few asks about specifically free otome games, so I decided to make a masterpost of all the free otome games I knew of, both English and Japanese, so here you go!

Just a note, I’m just adding all the games with female protagonists that use choices leading to certain endings that may include a lover, so I use the term “otome game” in the loosest sense.

Some are more comedic than others (you’ll know which ones).

Some are also more like dating sims, but I added them in anyways. Key: Regular font means the game needs to be downloaded Italicized means the game is only played online/flash * an asterisk means it uses a ticket system/limited play per day English PC Games: a2 ~a due~ Aloners Amity: One Tale Anticlove April Was a Fool Ascension: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3Asher Autumn’s Journey Be My Valentine The Blind Griffin Boku no Shokura The Boy I Like?


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