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Local police chief Laurent Nunez said about 300 English fans had been involved and a similar number of Russians.There were no plans to close a beach-side fan zone, he said.

“I hope they never reach the stadium,” said Sabine Bernasconi, the mayor of one of Marseille districts.

Tens of thousands of fans descended on Marseille ahead of the evening's match.

Broken glass and debris littered some roads and alleys near the Queen Victoria pub, focal point of clashes between English, Russian and French fans on Thursday and Friday.

The clouds of tear gas produced images of unrest all to similar, though on a much smaller scale, to those in the city 18 years ago when violence flared for two days and nights around England's World Cup game against Tunisia.

There are designated separate routes to approach the Stade Velodrome for the match while the fan zone has been split into two sections, each holding 40,000.

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