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You can get around this by re-importing the ORT using the function IMPRT O, just before the new processing is carried out. The OSS note 653211 contains more details on how to undertake this piece of work. The answer to the above question is best answered by looking at the many OSS notes which cover the above topic. Handling Late Leavers with GRET Typically the following can happen in your organisation.

An employee leaves directly after the bank transfer has been initiated. It’s probable that you will end up with a negative value for the technical wage type /121 – taxable gross pay.

The error that you will normally see in the payroll log is: GGDN*/121 The above variants were created.

There are also other criteria for choosing separate payroll areas.

The pay frequency and pay date are key criteria as well.

In addition, there may be other factors such as how you wish to report on your employees which may be driven by business needs rather than by SAP validation checks and statutory conditions.

Error Message relating to Negative Pay You may find that you are running the first payroll period for the new tax year and you get the error message: This period’s taxable pay takes total year to date into a negative situation You also get this situation for leavers.

See the topic relating to that issue and solution as well.

The error and scenario described above can be as a result of a retro going back over the year end for an absence update to the system (e.g. The above error may be solved by re-importing the ORT at the appropriate stage of the schema.It can happen that during the schema when SAP is comparing the ORT it may be using spurious results which may contain incorrect figures.Inland Revenue Electronic Exchange Network If you have any concerns, issues, feedback or suggestions for online filing in the UK, then you can provide it to the group known as the Inland Revenue Electronic Exchange Network.The Inland Revenue Electronic Exchange Network is an independent group, made up of employers and other parties like agents and intermediaries, who are interested and experienced in filing online - either by Electronic Data Interchange or via the Internet.They hold regular meetings and provide an opportunity for employers who are new to online filing to discuss the practicalities with those who have already started.Separate Payroll Areas Remember that one of the criteria for choosing separate payroll areas is that each payroll area has to have a separate PAYE reference.


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