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It is the most dazzling of the nudist beaches in all of Lugo province, and is also referred to as Area Brava.

Bathers form a large family within the 135 meters of fine sand backed by a shield of cliffs where pine and eucalyptus trees are reflected in the water.

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For a taste of the local cuisine, try El Vaixell restaurant.

Translated as Beach of the Germans, this is just one of many strips of sand named after the European pioneers of bathing in the nude.

This particular strand evokes the Germans who used to work at the nearby kaolin mine, which is still in operation.

The Robinson Crusoes of this beach take up an area located 150 meters from the beach bar, near the white dunes, while the side facing the bay is reserved for kids, and everyone else gets the spot with views of Magdalena peninsula.

This superb chain of dunes stretching for nearly two kilometers has an area of 200 meters reserved for the Adam and Eve types, who can lie here with the sound of the crashing waves in the background.

This may well be the most relaxing spot in the entire Costa Dorada.

To get there, park the car near the Cal Bofill Environmental Activity Center and take the boardwalk located behind the magnificent dunes —The Mountains, as they call them around here — until you reach the nudist area, which entails around a 10-minute walk.

El Puntal (Ribamontán al Mar, Cantabria) Nobody is immune to the charms of this beach, which is located smack in the middle of Santander, but is only accessible from the city by boat, or after a 40-minute trek from Somo.

The pier is just across the construction site for the new Botín Center.

Once there, the beach bar El Puntal is living testimony of how this sandy spit has grown in popularity: 45 years ago it occupied the end of the beach, and now only 300 meters separate it from Punta Rabiosa.

Beachgoers still fill the (albacore fish shaped into balls).

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