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Also curious: the women in the videos streamed themselves casually playing video games, and they took donations.It was as if some folks were saying, no, the harassment these women face is actually warranted: look at them.

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Unlike most accusations of ‘fake gamer girl,' the ‘camwhore' phenomenon could at least, arguably, point to a tangible benefit for pretending to like the hobby: for the money. During the course of about a week, I would randomly drop into Twitch and watch some of the more popular streamers who were online at the time—women with hundreds and sometimes thousands of viewers—particularly focusing on the women who took donations (though also watching "normal" streams for comparison's sake.) Twitch has millions of people tuning in every month to watch livestreams.

So was this a continuation of the gaming community's endless issues with women occupying the same space—the refusal to recognize these women as ‘gamers' but rather folks who used the hobby for nefarious purposes? Someone who cruises through Twitch's channels might notice something almost immediately: one, there aren't as many women streaming as there are men.

And two: at least in my experience, women would display themselves more prominently than men would, often opting to take up more screen space.

Of course, there is nothing inherently wrong with that: rather, it's the type of observation that might happen out of confirmation bias.

Apparently, she'd go online, drunk, and then put herself on camera for the amusement of other men.

He attributed it to low self-esteem; the ability to broadcast herself while playing games in front of an audience meant that she was granted a temporary, albeit unhealthy, confidence boost.

Unable to deal with her doing that to herself, he broke things off.

It became clear to me that there was a strong stigma with these women, but how based on reality was it?

Noticing this felt like going in thinking, "Where is the evidence that there's something else going on here? Look at this 'evidence;' it's supposed to be more about the games! If players took donations, they'd have a segment at the bottom of the stream with links and buttons—like so: players.

I was surprised to find out that most of the women I spoke to weren't Twitch veterans or anything—a few had been doing it for a while, but most folks only had a few months experience with it—if that. Geneviève Forget , for instance, is a French Canadian with a law degree who chose to chase her dreams of doing gaming and e-Sports full-time, at last bringing to fruition her life-long passion for the hobby.

It's currently her only occupation, which wasn't uncommon among the streamers I spoke to—which makes streaming seem like the gamer's version of working for Cha Cha.

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