Florida statutes regarding consolidating similar cases dating a narcissistic personality disorder

A motion to consolidate is a motion which seeks to combine two cases into one proceeding.

(c) Order An order granting or denying all or part of a motion to consolidate must be filed in each case sought to be consolidated.

If the motion is granted for all purposes including trial, any subsequent document must be filed only in the lead case.

(d) Caption and case number All documents filed in the consolidated case must include the caption and case number of the lead case, followed by the case numbers of all of the other consolidated cases.

(2) "Association" means, in addition to any entity responsible for the operation of common elements owned in undivided shares by unit owners, any entity which operates or maintains other real property in which unit owners have use rights, where membership in the entity is composed exclusively of unit owners or their elected or appointed representatives and is a required condition of unit ownership.(7) "Committee" means a group of board members, unit owners, or board members and unit owners appointed by the board or a member of the board to make recommendations to the board regarding the proposed annual budget or to take action on behalf of the board.(11) "Condominium" means that form of ownership of real property created pursuant to this chapter, which is comprised entirely of units that may be owned by one or more persons, and in which there is, appurtenant to each unit, an undivided share in common elements.(13) "Condominium property" means the lands, leaseholds, and personal property that are subjected to condominium ownership, whether or not contiguous, and all improvements thereon and all easements and rights appurtenant thereto intended for use in connection with the condominium.(14) "Conspicuous type" means bold type in capital letters no smaller than the largest type, exclusive of headings, on the page on which it appears and, in all cases, at least 10-point type. (i) The name of the association, which must be a corporation for profit or a corporation not for profit. The division shall annually report to the Division of State Fire Marshal of the Department of Financial Services the number of condominiums that have elected to forego retrofitting.718.109 Legal description of condominium parcels.--Following the recording of the declaration, a description of a condominium parcel by the number or other designation by which the unit is identified in the declaration, together with the recording data identifying the declaration, shall be a sufficient legal description for all purposes.

Where conspicuous type is required, it must be separated on all sides from other type and print. (j) Unit owners membership and voting rights in the association. The description includes all appurtenances to the unit concerned, whether or not separately described, including, but not limited to, the undivided share in the common elements appurtenant thereto.(1)(a) If the declaration fails to provide a method of amendment, the declaration may be amended as to all matters except those described in subsection (4) or subsection (8) if the amendment is approved by the owners of not less than two-thirds of the units.

Conspicuous type may be used in a contract for purchase and sale of a unit, a lease of a unit for more than 5 years, or a prospectus or offering circular only where required by law.(16) As used in this chapter, the term: Developer means a person who creates a condominium or offers condominium parcels for sale or lease in the ordinary course of business, but does not include: (a) An owner or lessee of a condominium or cooperative unit who has acquired the unit for his or her own occupancy; (b) A cooperative association that creates a condominium by conversion of an existing residential cooperative after control of the association has been transferred to the unit owners if, following the conversion, the unit owners are the same persons who were unit owners of the cooperative and no units are offered for sale or lease to the public as part of the plan of conversion;. 718.703; or (d) A state, county, or municipal entity acting as a lessor and not otherwise named as a developer in the declaration of condominium.(18) "Land" means the surface of a legally described parcel of real property and includes, unless otherwise specified in the declaration and whether separate from or including such surface, airspace lying above and subterranean space lying below such surface. (k) The document or documents creating the association, which may be attached as an exhibit. Except as to those matters described in subsection (4) or subsection (8), no declaration recorded after April 1, 1992, shall require that amendments be approved by more than four-fifths of the voting interests.(b) No provision of the declaration shall be revised or amended by reference to its title or number only.

However, if so defined in the declaration, the term "land" may mean all or any portion of the airspace or subterranean space between two legally identifiable elevations and may exclude the surface of a parcel of real property and may mean any combination of the foregoing, whether or not contiguous, or may mean a condominium unit.(23) "Residential condominium" means a condominium consisting of two or more units, any of which are intended for use as a private temporary or permanent residence, except that a condominium is not a residential condominium if the use for which the units are intended is primarily commercial or industrial and not more than three units are intended to be used for private residence, and are intended to be used as housing for maintenance, managerial, janitorial, or other operational staff of the condominium. (l) A copy of the bylaws, which shall be attached as an exhibit. Proposals to amend existing provisions of the declaration shall contain the full text of the provision to be amended; new words shall be inserted in the text and underlined; and words to be deleted shall be lined through with hyphens.

By resolving the issues involved at the same time, the parties involved may also be saved time and expenses of litigation.

Example of a State Statute on Motion to Consolidate (California) Cal Rules of Court, Rule 3.350 Consolidation of cases (a) Requirements of motion (1) A notice of motion to consolidate must: (A) List all named parties in each case, the names of those who have appeared, and the names of their respective attorneys of record; (B) Contain the captions of all the cases sought to be consolidated, with the lowest numbered case shown first; and (C) Be filed in each case sought to be consolidated.

(2) The motion to consolidate: (A) Is deemed a single motion for the purpose of determining the appropriate filing fee, but memorandums, declarations, and other supporting papers must be filed only in the lowest numbered case; (B) Must be served on all attorneys of record and all nonrepresented parties in all of the cases sought to be consolidated; and (C) Must have a proof of service filed as part of the motion.

(b) Lead case Unless otherwise provided in the order granting the motion to consolidate, the lowest numbered case in the consolidated case is the lead case.


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