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What’s the point of studying when life is so unfair?Joo-eun is called out of class to clean up the graffiti left by her admirers, proclaiming their love for her.Then on her way home after school, she sees a group of boys sneaking cigarettes in a side street and warns them to cut it out.

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As the boys walk away, Joo-eun’s approached by a beauty salon owner who gives her the pitch to let her turn Joo-eun into Miss Korea.

She’s not at all interested, turning the offer down flat—she’s got other plans in mind for her future.

Her goal is to become a lawyer, and she heads to the library to study—and where a whole other set of adoring admirers is on hand to offer up all sorts of study help.

If we’re lucky, we’ll get something better than that—I’m hoping for it, but not sure yet—but for now, I’m content with just having them together on my screen, hinting at the flirtation to come. That’s the girl who’s featured in a magazine article naming her the winner of a “prettiest face contest,” and in her profile she has listed “using Seoul speech” as her goal for the future.

Then the bus pulls up to the next stop, and all the boys go wild in anticipation as that very girl steps onto the bus.

She’s KANG JOO-EUN (Shin Mina), nicknamed the Venus of Daegu, and she inspires adoration and envy in equal measure.At school, during gym class weigh-in, the girls exclaim at Joo-eun’s unrealistically perfect proportions.It’s a promising start for Oh My Venus, the weight-loss-challenge rom-com that premiered today on KBS.I admit that I still have some niggling reservations about the premise, but I like the tone, the leads (in particular the sympathetic heroine), and find promise in the side characters.But really, we’re all watching this for the Shin Mina–So Ji-sub match-up, aren’t we?And just to see these two together, whether bickering or crackling with chemistry, I’m pretty sure I’d accept even the flimsiest plot, doing the bare minimum as romance-delivery device. A busload of high school students listen to a radio show as the DJ reads a letter submitted by a lovestruck teenage boy who, along with all the boys in town, is infatuated with a girl named Kang Joo-eun.


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