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I went through a 30 hour total body pain seizing episode. I know everybody says the first year is the worst, but now they say it could be 2 years.

—————————————————————————————————- Dear Gluten Dude, Just found your website for the first time. I’m one of the ones that testing didn’t show Celiac, but it is clear as day that I have it. Doctors told me I was just stressed out when I would go in for help.

Hit rock bottom on 1-6-2012 at 130 pounds not knowing what was happening to me. I’m 6’1″ and a normal healthy weight for me was around 165. Wasn’t until I saw a medical marijuana doctor that I was told about gluten.

Gut sick, diarrhea, my bones and muscles hurt, and my mind was psychotic. I also found out the hard way about soy, dairy, coconut, and oats.

The day I ate a gluten-free oat bread sandwich was the day I learned the meaning of the word torture.

I received a disturbing warning today from a source I trust.

The short version is: if you are any kind of open-source leader or senior figure who is male, do not be alone with any female, ever, at a technical conference. XXXXXXXXXXXX | Linus is never alone at any conference.

Try to avoid even being XXXXXXXXXXXX | I'm super careful about honey traps. XXXXXXXXXXXX | Yeah, because the upshot is, I no longer | can afford to mentor women who are already | in tech. XXXXXXXXXXXX | I can and do mentor ones who are not in | it, but are interested and able XXXXXXXXXXXX | but once one is already in... | This is not because he lets fame go to his | head and likes having a posse around.

The general population just doesn’t understand celiac disease and what it can do to those inflicted. It doesn’t get the media coverage that other diseases get and because the disease itself is food-related, many on the outside don’t take it too seriously.

But I want you to read the following email I received.

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