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Scientific events have their own consistency and it is often a mistake for humanities scholars to reduce such complexities to ‘worldviews’ or the history of ideas.

To pass from quantum uncertainty to postmodern literary styles reduces the disciplinary specificity of scientific discovery and functions, and risks presenting literature and culture as reflections or contexts for scientific facts.

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“The demand for solar installations is higher than ever, and the addition of Fiveboro Solar enhances our team’s ability to continue to deliver market-leading service and projects.”Fiveboro Solar has been providing solar design and installation services to the New York Metro area for the past five years, with a focus on multifamily buildings.

CEO Bret Heilig is an NABCEP certified PV Installer and a Licensed Electrician in the State of California.

He has participated in the construction of over 4MW of PV since 2005, of which he designed over 500k W.“Our mutual commitment to excellent service and the shared belief that solar isn’t just great for the environment, it’s a strategic investment, made the decision to join forces with the Bright Power team a no-brainer,” said Fiveboro CEO Bret Heilig.(January 4, 2016) To ring in the new year, Bright Power is thrilled to announce the acquisition of Fiveboro Solar, a leading New York City-based solar installation company.Both companies share a commitment to making renewable energy more accessible to real estate owners and developers as part of a comprehensive energy management strategy, and to incorporating solar energy into a complete resiliency solution.The decision to fortify Bright Power’s solar energy installation services was driven in large part by the increasing demand of forward-thinking clients.“We are fortunate to work with customers who view energy management as an opportunity to not only improve consumption, cost and comfort, but also distinguish their businesses as market leaders,” said Bright Power CEO, Jeff Perlman.


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