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Favoured spots include on bridges, in laybys and residential areas.

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More locations are planned on a number of other motorways with smart motorway section in the UK, including the M1, M3 and M6. SPECS speed camera usage is on the increase on the UK's roads, as unlike other fixed point speed cameras like Gatso, SPECS systems take an average speed of your vehicle over a set distance, which might be as much as several miles.

A common sight in roadworks, these cameras are now being used at more and more locations. VECTOR speed camera is an average speed camera that was launched in 2014 by the same company as SPECS called Vysionics.

The VECTOR speed camera uses Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and can be used for multiple uses including; bus lane enforcement, level crossing, toll roads, as well as speeding offences. Truvelo speed cameras are the second most popular fixed speed camera used on Britain's road.

You'll find all these safety cameras either on the road side, on overhead gantries, behind hedges and road traffic signs on Britain's roads.

Question is will you spot them, before they spot you? Gatso speed cameras have been on Britain's roads since the early nineties.

A speed camera detector or sat nav with a good speed camera database may be the answer, read more below about the different types of detectors that help keep you on the right side of the law and your licence intact. These rear facing fixed safety cameras photo the vehicle on the near side of the road capturing the vehicle along with its number plate.

Gatso's use radar technology to trigger the camera, so it's possible to detect these speed enforcement cameras using a radar detector. Mobile speed cameras make up a large number of the speed trap sites across the UK, though of course by their nature they're not always in use.

Did you know that there are at least 13 different types of safety or speed cameras that are in use on the roads of the UK?

All of these cameras appear in our online database.

Below we look at each with further information just a click away.

Starting first with the popular fixed Gatso camera, to the latest HADECS system, to Police mobile handhelds, to variable speed cameas and average speed check cameras which are becoming an increasingly popular choice.

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