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As a tower defence game, Kittypocalypse is a rather limiting experience, but one that still offers plenty of tactical depth.For starters you can’t place turrets wherever you want, each level has about eight or nine spots that you can construct turrets on.

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While that might sound like standard tower defence gameplay, it’s enhanced significantly by the VR perspective as well as the freedom to move around the map in 3D space.

Neither of these features fundamentally alters how the game plays, but the combination of the two make Kittypocalypse almost impossible to put down, something we never thought we’d write about a game with name.

Travelling seamlessly through 3D space in order to rearrange your armaments or get a better a view of the ongoing massacre is endlessly addictive, especially as the combined effects of your various turrets have the xeno-kittens exploding around you, soaring through the air or stumbling over one another.

Hell, let's go one better - what are the best Oculus Rift and HTC Vive games?

There are plenty of VR experiences out there already, and with the headsets shipping to customers faster than ever there are going to be plenty more to come. But here we're going to be more choosy, handpicking the best VR games and experiences that you can point your visor-clad eyes towards.

We've tested out a number of the top VR games across the major headsets, ranging from the good to the bad to the downright nausea-inducing - and we'll endeavour to seek out the new, strange, and challenging content for the platform as it grows. This list will be updated as time goes on, so stay tuned.VR support for Rockstar’s sun-kissed crime sandbox currently relies on a third-party program called Vorp X, which carries a sizeable price tag and still has a few creases to be ironed out in its beta phase. Because inhabiting Los Santos in first-person VR absolutely transforms one of the best games in recent years.Perhaps you’ve already played through the tripartite adventures of Franklin, Michael and Trevor, the career criminals whose opposing philosophies produce witty banter, casualties and spectacular heists in roughly equal measure. But there’s something about stepping back into that familiar world with a new level of immersion that makes this, simply, one of the essential VR experiences you can play right now.Rockstar haven’t announced any plans to bring official VR support to their game, so it looks like Vorp X will continue to offer the only means of entry for the foreseeable future.There are no shortage of GTA V mods created by the community though, so it's possible they'll brew up an alternative to Vorp X.Kittypocalypse is a VR tower defence game in which you attempt to wrest control of Earth back from a race of kitten-like aliens.


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