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But apparently the case fell apart when prosecutors learned the bicyclist was at fault -- riding without reflectors the wrong way on a freeway on-ramp.

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Thomas Dekker -- who played John Connor in "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" -- just got a deal he couldn't refuse in his DUI case.

Dekker just pled no contest to misdemeanor reckless driving in connection with an accident in which a 17-year-old bicyclist was injured.

Dekker was arrested on two counts of felony DUI and placed on $100,000 bail.

He was eventually charged with two misdemeanor counts of DUI.

In a surprising double elimination, business tycoon and host Donald Trump let go of Androl and Kristine Lefebvre, after one of the loudest board room meetings, thanks to the argument between Androl and Frank Lombardi.

However, despite being fired from the show, Androl seems to have a lot waiting for her, as she is set to go back to working as a filtration systems saleswoman and shall resume work on her book entitled “In the Men’s Room.†The book, which she has been co-writing with one of her co-workers, will serve as a manual for all aspiring businesswomen out there who wish to gain success in an industry that has been ruled by the male population.

The contents of the book will include the lessons Androl has learned from her interactions with men, and of course, insights she has gained about herself.

The Androl that viewers saw during her argument with Frank Lombardi was clearly different from the usually composed Androl from the previous episodes.

After her elimination, Androl admitted to having been extremely stressed, mainly because she felt she had made many mistakes during the task.

Androl also claimed that she defended herself to Trump by reminding him of her past performances, which were actually quite impressive.

Having been a four-time project manager, Androl was, as expected, was saddened by her elimination, but she has come to accept it.

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