I want to chat online with a shemae

Except for hair length we could hardly be told apart from each other until our hormones started to kick in. For many years now, I have wanted to transform myself from a male to a shemale, but do not know how to go about it.When that happened we started to change and I became interested in girls. I've always known that I straddle the gender divide, I feel that I should be all woman, except in one area, between the thighs. I will be changing him into the she male that he told me he wanted to be when he was a teenager. I am in my late 50's and want to spend my later years as someone with both, so I'm hoping that some can give me some guidance and advice on how to start my journey...Shemale-hood is and always will be my goal until it is achieved. I recently posted an advert on a well known personals site. I am looking for someone who would like to take a guy and make them the perfect female like companion/plaything.

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I DEEP INSIDE AM TRULY A SHEMALE,and hopefully with in time I will meet someone who will take me in and give me care concern and love.

I am 5'6 brown hair,blue eyes,tan complexion, 8 inch ****,thick,that certain caring...

I have a female relative who, as children, looked like an identical twin.

Well, before you start, you have to decide exactly what you want to be as a shemale.

Do you want to have large breasts and a large working penis? I was Born different then most boys i have little breast and what bigger ones about size 34 c would be good in side i am very much a women i do enjoy wearing women's She male absolutely hotter!

Or Do you want to have natural breasts and don't really care about the size and function of the penis? that am a girl inside and I do wear womens clothes and I also altered my body shape by doing female exercises womens moisturizer and naturally i had that female type skin in my hips and which helps me to achive the female form quiet easily. and i have found even better person in lot of ways and there good women out there...for sometime, but in recent years I finally started coming out to people whom are close to me, but in recent weeks I have been really craving the need to become a non-op transgender aka shemale.I am in need of information on how to safely get breasts, a nice hourglass figure...hello, recently I've had these sudden urges to become more feminine.then those urges became desires and now i don't know what to do.like, i'd love to have wider hips and a bigger butt and i nice set of breasts as well (although i dont want to take hormones though), but some of...


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