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Q: Does the person whose background I am checking know that I am doing this? An authorization form signed by the individual is required before we initiate the background check. Alternatively, we can coordinate this process with the subject, so that their personal information such as social security number remains safe. A: The results from this background check package are typically returned same day to 24 hours, depending upon the complexity of the background. A: Whoever pays for the package will receive the report.

” I was interviewed by both the Times and Good Morning America to say that these background checks are superficial, create a false sense of security, and that government should never mandate these for online dating sites.

First of all, I should say that I’m personally involved in this issue. We didn’t screen each other, at least not for a criminal past.

I remember doing a simple search on her screen name however, and for a while thinking she could be someone who she wasn’t, though.

But for fun, I did a postmortem background check on myself, just to see what my now wife would have seen. And the report included a family member that isn’t, and left out my brother that is.

First, I went to Intelius and spent $58 (warning: there’s a constant barrage of confusing upsells) to see criminal, civil judgment, property, name, telephone and social networking data. Then I went to My Match Checker and ordered the basic level screening (the two most expansive products–“Getting Serious” and “All About Me”–require social security numbers, which I doubt most people will not learn about the other until they actually get married).

The site made it easy to not include all relevant info, and I didn’t, so there’s a delay on my check. So would my wife have used the absence of a negative history to assume I was a good person? Although these criminal screenings can help in some situations, they still have some serious shortcomings.They result in false negatives when criminal records don’t appear or may not include felony arrests that were plead down to misdemeanors.Q: What if the individual doesn't agree with the results of the background check?A: If the individual would like to challenge the results of the report, please have them contact us and we will speak with them directly.Recent media attention has resurrected the notion that criminal background checks for online dating sites are helpful and should even be required by law.Sunday’s front page article in the New York Times described how companies selling background checks can “unmask Mr. Wrong.” And today’s Good Morning America featured a segment called “Online Dating: Are you Flirting with a Felon?


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