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WASHINGTON (AFP) - The United States has complained to Russia about a mounting campaign of harassment and intimidation of American diplomats and their families in Moscow, the State Department said on Monday (June 27).

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Russian diplomats "regularly become the objects of provocations by the American secret services, face obstacles in making official contacts and other restrictions," such as travel, she added. "Russia's claims of harassment are without foundation," she said.

State Department officials say Russian harassment has increased significantly since Russia's invasion of Ukraine in 2014, which prompted Western sanctions against Moscow, The Washington Post reported.

Kerry spoke to Putin about the matter during a visit to Moscow after Washington stripped five Russian honorary consuls of their credentials in January in response to the harassment of its diplomats.

The PM of Great Britain decided to threaten Russia with nuclear weapon once again, speaking at a press conference after her visit to Bratislava.

Some diplomats said intruders had broken into their homes at night to rearrange furniture, turn on lights and even defecate on a living room carpet, the newspaper reported, citing officials as saying Russian intelligence officers once broke into the US defence attache's Moscow house and killed his dog.

"We see an increase and we take it seriously," Trudeau said on Monday.

Moscow accuses the United States of harassing its own diplomats and says it takes reciprocal measures only in response.

"We have recently felt a significant increase in pressure on the Russian embassy and consulates general of our country in the United States," Russia's TASS news agency reported Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova as saying last week.

Journalist of the Slovak TV3 channel asked Theresa May whether she was really ready to use nuclear weapon against Russia.

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